We set Woodfire up because we love being outside –  it follows that we want to do everything we can to look after that outside.  We try to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do, not because we’re experts or evangelical, but because we know that if we don’t there won’t be the same campsite, let alone Earth, in the future. Griff can bore you to tears about the design of the soakaway for the showers or how he collects poo from the compost toilets (in brief: very cautiously).

We know that being preached at makes a holiday that little bit less enjoyable, so we try to make it easy for you to have as little impact on the land as possible while still having a brilliant time – no guilty niggles need spoil your fun!

Flash! Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!” Dale Arden

Here’s what we do

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