We are Stella and Griff, and we set up Woodfire in 2018 because we love camping and cooking. Now, five years in, we’re gathering a growing and brilliant team of fellow enthusiasts to join us.

We’ve both spent holidays camping all our lives – in orange frame tents as kids in the ‘70s /‘80s, little two-man tents round Europe when we first got together and then bigger family tents since our two boys came along and we know that it is far from the endurance test that some believe. With comfy bedding, good food, coffee and wine it is one of the most truly luxurious experiences you can have. And IF it’s raining, there is nothing cosier than lying beneath the pitter-patter on canvas with your loved ones, reading, playing games and just being together in a way you never would in a house.

Woodfire Camping is all about a conviction that life is better outdoors. It’s growing in ways we couldn’t have imagined – testament that others feel the same way. We love nothing more than meeting the huge variety of people who come to Woodfire and are always open to new suggestions and collaborations for ways to live life outdoors.